FAQ about Heating and Air Conditioning Repairs and Service in San Francisco CA

This page of www.sanfranciscoheatingac.com provides the answers to a list of frequently asked questions concerning heating and air conditioning repairs, maintenance and service in San Francisco, CA.

How often should I change the filter in my furnace, heater or air conditioner?

That answer depends on a number of instances. The more people and animals that live in your house and the more you run your heater or AC, the more often your filter will require changing.

On average, you should change the filter once every month (more often if you notice that it has become completely clogged).

If my furnace, heater or AC seems to be running just fine, why would I need to schedule service?

Congratulations on a high-functioning system! However, because your indoor temperature maintenance appliances are mechanical and cannot heal themselves, scheduling regular maintenance and repair is a wise choice to protect the investment you have made in them.

We can catch small problems before they turn into emergencies and keep your equipment running at full efficiency, which saves you money in energy costs as well.

How often should I schedule maintenance visits?

Have your heating or cooling systems checked annually before the season. That's to reduce or eliminate the possibilities that you'll need to schedule emergency repairs at very inconvenient times (and emergencies never seem to happen at convenient times).

What are some maintenance actions I can take at home on my own?

Besides scheduling regular maintenance visits from our skilled technicians, there are a few things you can do on your own to keep your equipment running smoothly.

What is the average life of a heating or cooling system?

With proper maintenance and repair, a heating and/or cooling system should last about 12 to 15 years. Without regular repair, that number drops dramatically.

However, it's often advisable to replace old, inefficient systems with new energy-saving ones. Don't make the mistake of assuming you need a new installation just because things aren't working right.

Call us first. We may be able to save your current system with our excellent diagnostic and repair services before it's too late.