Fully Self Evaporating Portable Air Conditioners

Would you like a portable air conditioner that was drain free and fully self-evaporating for hassle-free cooling in your home on a hot summer day?

You're in luck because just exactly this kind of cooling device can be found at the local hardware store or at any good retailer online.

draining a portable air conditionerHowever, before you rush out to the car to head off to the local hardware superstore or go visit Amazon or Wal-Mart online, take a moment or two to read something about them here.

Why Do You Want One?

To begin with, you should probably ask your self why you'd want a cooling unit like this anyway. What's wrong with a regular single or dual hose portable air conditioner that has a drain and water collection tray anyway?

Well, nothing wrong really, except the tray will fill with water over time and that means you'll need to empty it whenever it fills up. That can be an occasional task or it can be a frequent chore, depending on how humid your climate is and how much water the AC is taking from the air.

Where Does the Water Come From?

ACs work by taking warm, moist air from the room, chilling it by passing it across a cold lattice of refrigerant gas-filled pipes and blowing out the cold air into the room. At the same time, the moisture in the air is condensed on those cold pipes inside the unit, just the same as a glass of ice cold water set down on a table will condense moisture on the walls of the glass and make it wet on the outside.

That condensed moisture collects inside the AC unit and has to go some place.

It gets channelled down to a drainage pipe. From there it gets collected in a tray at the base of the unit, or the pipe backs up until it is full and you get an alarm telling you to empty the tray by draining it into a bucket via a small drain hose that is generally located near the base of the unit and clipped into place neatly so it doesn't trail when not in use.

If the drain pipe fills up, the AC units usually emits an alarm and ultimately shuts off until it is emptied. So you really do need to do it if you want the unit to keep running to keep you cool!

Oh, and remember the more moisture is in the air to begin with (ie humidity), the more water will condense and the faster the drain will fill.

How Are Self Evaporating Models Different?

Instead of allowing all that condensed moisture to fill a drainage tank, self-evaporative portable air conditioning units make good use of the heat the condenser naturally produces. It is used to re-evaporate the condensing moisture and expel it through the exhaust vent hose to the outside.

Some advanced models go one step further and re-use the condensed water to help cool the refrigeration mechanism. Then it is re-evaporated and expelled through the vent hose.

This cuts down on the amount of energy the unit uses, making it more economical to run.

That process has a two-fold benefit:

  1. Condensed moisture from the air is recycled to assist in the cooling process
  2. Heat produced from the condenser is recycled in the re-evaporation process

The result is more efficient cooling with less power usage. The air is still dehumidified like a regular AC does and all the unwanted hot moist air is still evacuated out through the vent to the outside.

All this additional technological advancement comes at a price, but it's not as high as you might imagine. These fully self evaporating portable air conditioner models are completely drain-free and that means hassle free too!

For more information on these cooling devices and other economical alternatives, please visit: www.rwheatingandair.com.

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