Air Conditioning

There's no arguing the fact that when it gets hot outside, a nice cool and comfortable home created by an air conditioning system is a pleasure to walk into and relax in during the hottest part of the year in your location.

There are several different types of system that you can have installed in your home or office and this section of our website is here to look at them all and explain the differences and the benefits of each. But before that, let's take an important question that a lot of people have that concerns why they'd want or need to have a way to control the indoor climate and maintain a comfortable temperature by using AC.

Why You Need Air Conditioning

why you need air conditioningYou may or may not believe that you really need to have a cooling system in your home, especially if you live in a part of the country where the weather stays cool for most of the year. Granted, if you live in Alaska for example, chances are your main focus is going to be on the more important necessity of heating and not on how to make it cooler indoors.

But of you live in an area that despite having cool or even bitterly cold winters, you still get some fairly hot summer temperatures, there are going to be several weeks in each year where you're going to feel uncomfortably hot in your home. Depending on how hot it gets outside and for how long, a means for providing some cool relief from that heat is going to be something you'll really want during those times, even if it doesn't enter your mind at other, cooler times of the year.

How Do You Keep Cool?

While you could argue that you can stay cool by taking cool baths or showers, or spending the day in the pool (if you have one), or maybe you believe that a regular fan is good enough, it doesn't help you when you're trying to get to sleep at night and you're laying in bed sweating profusely and feeling altogether miserably uncomfortable because it's just too hot.

You can't run a fan because the noise keeps you awake, or the constant breeze is not good for you if you suffer with rheumatism or arthritis. You certainly can't sleep in a bathtub full of cool water because there is the very real danger of sliding under the surface and drowning!

It is for these times that a whisper quiet, modern mini-split air conditioner can come to the rescue to give you peaceful, comfortable sleep for a number of weeks when it would otherwise be too hot to sleep.

The added bonus with AC is that you can also feel cool during the daytime at home if you work from home or are a stay-at-home mom. Or you can come home from work to a nice cool home in the evenings and not have to spend them watching TV from inside your bathtub!

These are the reasons your home needs to have a climate controlled interior that keeps it cool in the hot part of the year as well as heating to keep it warm when it gets too cold outside.

What Types of AC Are There?

As already mentioned, there are different types of air cooling system, ranging from large, central air conditioning systems that control the temperature in the whole house or office building to individual room split systems and portable units that all work on the refrigeration basis that most people know and understand. There are also evaporative cooling systems that use less power than regular AC and work by chilling the air through the evaporation of moisture.

Both main types are covered but rather than create a huge single article that may take a long time to read, I have broken things down into smaller, more easy to read parts and created several individual information articles that cover each subtopic in greater detail without getting too long.

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